Guidance to judges on the use of Standards

Breed Standards are intended to describe the most important characteristics of the ideal exhibit of each breed of cavy, and indicate, via an allocation of points adding up to 100, the relative weighting to be given to each of these characteristics in assessing different exhibits.

However, the importance of Balance in an exhibit must always be considered. An exhibit that is a ‘near miss’ on all characteristics may be regarded as more desirable than one that is perfect in several but very poor in a particular one.

The points allocations are therefore not intended to be the basis of any form of scoring system.

Although Condition is not specifically mentioned within Breed Standards, it is an essential attribute of all exhibition cavies that they be shown in good health and sound physical condition; and judges should not hesitate to penalise exhibits that are not in such condition and to disqualify any that are in poor physical condition.

In addition, Good Temperament is a highly desirable quality in the show exhibit; and animals that prove difficult to handle or control, or that show clear signs of aggression, should be penalised, with Disqualification being appropriate in extreme cases.

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