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This page provides links to a library of documents and articles on a variety of subjects relating to the British Cavy Council, including breeds of cavy and genetics.

The contents of any of the articles below do not necessarily reflect the views of the British Cavy Council. Many are historic and do not report current practices, and are provided for information only. Please also bare in mind that Breed Standards and point allocations do evolve over the years - where possible, the original date of the article is included in the title and this should be borne in mind when considering the information contained therein.

Articles 1

Breeds of cavy

‘The Abyssinian cavy’ by Simon Neesam, 2002

‘The Dutch cavy’ by Allan Trigg, 2009

‘The Himalayan cavy’ by Helen Lehan, 2010

‘The History of the Rex’ by Julie Ridgeley, 2009

‘My appreciation of the Self Beige’ by Keith Helmke, 1994

Beige are not for the faint-hearted’ by Diane Nunn, 1994

Beige - the Self that loves to eat’ by Joan Radeglia

‘The Self Black - pearl of the cavy world’ by Bryan Mayoh

‘Breeding Self Blacks ’ by Bryan Mayoh

‘The Self Chocolate cavy’ by Pauline Avery

‘The Self Chocolate - Queen of the AOCS’ by Evelyne van Vliet

‘The Self Cream beautiful & elusive’ by Margaret Tenner, 1992

‘The extrovert Golden’ by Evelyne van Vliet, 1993

‘The fascination of breeding the Pink Eyed Self Golden’ by Bernard Wiles, 1993

Self Lilac - the subtle Self’ by Ian Cinderby, 1992

‘The Self Red - beautiful but neglected’ by Mette Lybek Jensen, 1993

‘A rundown on the Red’ by Rupert Hadley, 1993

‘The Pink Eyed Self White - balance is the key’ by Margaret Tenner

Articles 2

Breeding cavies

‘Breeding Self cavies - some top fanciers tell their secrets’ by Bryan Mayoh

Cavy Genetics

‘Cavy Genetics: An Exploration’ by Nick Warren, 1999; Revised and updated by Bryan Mayoh, with input from Simon Neesam, 2008

Principal Results

Bradford Championship Show

Since 1921, when Mr JE Watmough (the then-editor of Fur and Feather magazine) launched the first event, the Bradford Championship Show has been the country’s premier small livestock show.

The show takes place in January and was originally held at the Manning Barracks in Bradford, before moving to Harrogate then Doncaster, and more recently back to Harrogate again.

Best in Show Role of Honour

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