Standard disqualifications

Disqualifications applying to all breeds

Sows obviously in pig.

Running lice.

Breaks in skin.

Fatty eye (fault to be visible without disturbance of the eyelid).

Serious physical abnormalities, for example: missing or badly damaged eyes; cataracts; bent leg; wry neck; or any other gross physical deviations from the norm.
N.B. Neutered boars may be shown.

Evident ill-health, such as obvious, visible breathing difficulties, significant evidence of mucus or other abnormal discharges from the eyes, nose, mouth, ears or reproductive or intestinal openings.

Both Hairless and so-called ‘Skinny’ cavies may not be shown at any cavy show held in the United Kingdom. Judges should immediately disqualify any such cavies that are presented for exhibition.

Disqualifications applying only to short, smooth-haired varieties

(Also applying to Crested versions of smoothhaired varieties, with the obvious exception that the crest does not constitute a fault).


Rosettes in coat.

Other faults and disqualifications specific to any particular breed are listed under individual breed standards.

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