Housing cavies

Hutches need to offer comfortable housing that is large enough, dry and draught free. An indoor hutch 24” (60cm) x 18” (45cm) will accommodate a single cavy and, as a minimum requirement, could also house a breeding pair or a sow and litter. The hutch could be made bigger by increasing the depth to 20” (50cm) or extending the length. Some fanciers favour hutches 24” (60cm) square and these would easily house a group of three or four. The disadvantage here is that the darker recesses tend to encourage shyness and the lower pens in a block can prove more difficult to clean out. Whatever the size, the length should not be less than the depth and the height should be at least 15” (40cm) to ensure adequate ventilation.

If kept outside, it is best to invest on a bolt for each hutch door as twist catches can easily be turned by Mr Fox or even a stray dog or a roaming cat. Also, greater attention needs to be made to weatherproofing with adequate protection from the elements. Damp, draughty conditions can kill and are a greater danger than cold.

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