Ridgeback Guide Standard

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Standard of points

Update June 2009
Head, Eyes & Ears Head to be short and broad, with a gently curving profile.
Muzzle to be of good width and rounded at the nostrils.
Eyes to be large, bright and bold and set with good width between.
Ears to be large and drooping, with lower rim parallel to the ground & set with good
width between.
Body Shape To have short, cobby body; thick-set, with good width across shoulders.
To be fit and of good substance, with plenty of firm flesh covering shoulders.
To have good size appropriate to age.
Coat Appearance To have smooth coat other than for a ridge which should be pronounced, unbroken,
erect and straight, running down the spine from between the ears to the hips.
The ridge should be up to approx. 2.5 cm (one inch) in height,
and be most pronounced at the shoulder and tapering towards the rear end.
Coat Feel The coat should be soft and short other than on the ridge, which should be firm and
erect when brushed with the palm of the hand.
To be clean and free from grease.

NB: Any Full Standard for this breed is likely to be based on that for the Abyssinian in terms of Points Allocations.

Guidance notes

The Ridgeback is a smooth coated cavy with a pronounced, unbroken ridge of hair standing erect along the spine.

Ridgebacks may be shown in any colour or mixture of colours.

Specific disqualifications

Specific faults

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