English Self Guide Standard

Updated December 2018

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Guide Standard

Head, Eyes & Ears
of which
Head - To have a pronounced Roman nose.
Eyes - To have good width of muzzle, squared off at the end but rounded at the corners.
Ears - To be large and drooping, with lower rim parallel to the ground & set with good width between
Body Shape To have short, broad, cobby body with very deep, broad shoulders.
To be fit and of good substance, with plenty of firm flesh.
To have good size appropriate to age.
Colour Top colour to be lustrous and of glossy sheen, of even shade all over the head & body.
Hair on feet to match body colour.
Undercolour to match top colour down to the skin, giving an appearance free from flakiness.
Colours of coat, eyes, ears and pads to match Descriptions below.
Coat To be soft & silky, clean and short, groomed free of guard hairs.

Description of colours

There are currently no Guide Standard Self colours.

Any Full Standard for these colours is likely to be based on that for the English Self.

Guidance notes

As per the ESCC Standard

Specific disqualifications

As per the ESCC Standard

Specific faults

As per the ESCC Standard

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