Belted Guide Standard

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Standard of points

Update June 2009
Head, Eyes & Ears Head to be short and broad, with a gently curving profile.
Muzzle to be of good width and rounded at the nostrils.
Eyes to be large, bright and bold and set with good width between.
Ears to be large and drooping, and set with good width between.
Body Shape To have short, cobby body with good width across shoulders and body.
To be fit and of good substance, with plenty of firm flesh.
To have good size appropriate to age.
Markings To have a belt of white colour circling the body just behind the shoulders and including
the front legs and feet.
The belt to be vertical (at right angles to the spine), even in width and as straight as
The width of the belt should be between 3 and 5 cm.
Colour Colour to be black, even & with glossy sheen, and carried down to the skin.
White colour to be pure and clean. Eye colour to be dark.
Coat To be soft, clean and groomed free of guard hairs.

NB: Any Full Standard for this breed is likely to be based on that for the Himalayan or Tortoise & White in terms of Points Allocations.

Guidance notes

The Belted is a smooth coated solid coloured (black) cavy with a belt of white circling the body just behind the shoulders and incorporating the front legs and feet.

Younger exhibits may have a narrower belt.

Specific disqualifications

Specific faults

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