American Crested Breed Standard

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Standard of points

Update October 2009
Head, Eyes & Ears Head to be short and broad. 18
Muzzle to be of good width and rounded at the nostrils.
Eyes to be large, bright and bold and set with good width between.
Ears to be large and drooping, with lower rim parallel to the ground & set with good width between.
Crest 40
of which
Confirmation To radiate from a centre point between the eyes and ears. (20)
To be a deep, regular rosette, with the lower edge well down the nose.
To have a pinpoint centre.
Colour To consist of a complete circle of contrasting colour (usually white) to the body colour. (20)
Body Shape To conform to ESCC standard. 15
Colour To conform to ESCC standard for matching English Self. 18
Coat To conform to ESCC standard. 9

N.B. The points in this Standard comprise 40% for the crest and 60% from the ESCC Standard.


As for English Self.

Guidance notes

The American Crested is a Self-coloured cavy with a crest of contrasting colour (usually white) on the forehead.

The crest is to consist of as near a circle of contrasting colour as is possible.

The colour of any skin that may be visible at the centre of the crest is irrelevant.

All other features are as for the English Crested.

Specific disqualifications

Specific faults

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